Mountain view

The mountains are beautiful any time of year. Each season has unique charms. Right now, in early spring, you have to look but evidence of new life can be found.


This post represents the first time I’ve ever attempted to use my phone to make a blog post. therefore you probably shouldn’t expect anything profound.


Not that profundity is any kind of hallmark around here anyway.

I’ve taken some pictures over the past couple days so I thought I’d try my hand posting them. I’d guessed that might be any easy enough chore.


As it turns out, it’s a little less intuitive than I thought, even using a mobile app. Photos have up be uploaded as you post and can’t be inserted later, that I can tell. I might have to break down and hunt up some directions.


Violets of course are a sure sign of spring, but I was also captivated by these dried weeds, which have managed to stand guard here through a rough and snowy winter.


One the prettiest sights I’ve seen on our visit here, though, are the incredible blue skies.


There’s a cute touristy village a couple miles down the road and we might mosey over that way later on this afternoon. The sights there include a cold rushing mountain stream … and a boot store.

I think you know which one we’ll be visiting first.


4 thoughts on “Mountain view

  1. I’ve seen a few dandelions already some crocus and daffy dillys 🙂 If this cold weather would just break so the rest can come up!!!!

  2. I think you did a swell job of posting pics. Especially since I just checked the weather forecast and we’re getting snow tonight. I am so not excited.

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