Doggone it!

I love animals. The puppies, the kitties. The horses. As a kid, I went to camp every year, and rode away in to the sunset aboard many a noble steed, on paths now overgrown with Northern Kentucky development, but when I was a wee lass, were the woods and wilds of Camp Marydale.

I had a paper route in the seventh grade, and in addition to packing my papers into the route bag, I also filled my pockets with Milk Bones, ready to feed the hordes of strays and their most-likely owned brethern who followed me around. That year, I determined I would grow up, go to college and become a veterinarian, and bolstered by reading every installment of the James Heriott All Creatures Great and Small books, knew I was meant to be the savior of all animal-kind.

Then I ran up against college calculus and, unsurprisingly, kept taking classes in English and political science and wound up the writer type personage you see before you today.

But I never gave up loving the puppies, the kitties. The Internet explosion of Teh Cute shows me that I’m not alone, but frankly I think things have gone a little too far.

Story time. The other day, someone dropped by NouveauSoileau, made a few comments and made me smile, so I checked out her blog. I was amused by the name,  I Don’t Get It, and it bears the helpful tag line “Things That Don’t Make Sense.”

How many, many things could fall into that category.

So as I was trudging through the Wal-mart Sunday, laying in the weekly supplies of all the healthy, nutritious foodstuffs I provide on a daily basis to my teeming horde, I beheld a sight which made me think of her.

“I don’t get it,” I thought to myself.

Seriously, WTF

“Here is a thing that Does. Not. Make. Sense.”

This is dog food. Food for dogs, and cats apparently, that is FRESH. It also, as you can see, is SELECT. It obviously is CHOICE and meant for the pwecious widdle pups and dwarling witty kitties which now make up pets in America and frankly, I am OMG about it.

I have been a tad OMG over pet ownership for a little while; a couple years ago I was irritated by ad in Southern Living I think it was, featuring big doe-eyed doggies begging MOM to do, or not do, something. “Mom, buy me this dog food,” or “Mom, please get me this flea collar.” I would look these furry faces straight in the eye and say, “I gave birth to human beings, not animals, pal — don’t you even DARE call me ‘mom!'”

My growling didn’t have much effect on a print ad, but it made me feel better.

Now I’m confronted by pet-food manufacturers who have installed refrigerators in the dog-food aisle containing some sort of fresh meat and, apparently, people are buying it.

They’re also the type of people, I’d say, who are buying these.

Dog dresses, 2013

Dog dresses. With bows and flowers. For dogs.

Of course I’ve seen the little sweaters and even T-shirts you can shove onto your schnauzer; everyone has, for years. But this, this is just too much.

Dogs aren’t people, people. They’re animals. Yes, they’re wonderful companions, yes they bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. Yes, I am for the kind and humane treatment of animals. But I have to say I am not for the ridiculous expenditures Americans with more money than sense are obviously making at Wal-mart and other places to feed and dress their dogs better than many, many humans are fed and clothed both here and around the world.

Sure, spend your money on stupid stuff, we’ve all got our vices *cough*shoes*cough. But I’m still going to point, laugh, and drag out my internet acronyms and WTF and OMG my way down the aisle with a side dose of I Don’t Get It. It’s one of those things, the blogosphere has taught us, that Just Don’t Make Sense.

11 thoughts on “Doggone it!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Yes, the people who buy these products must have a lot of disposable cash. Either they have no children or their children are grown. Before my son, I was crazy in love with my blue heeler. I even brushed his teeth w/ a dog toothbrush. He was a great dog. But he was still a dog. Our two dogs now live outside. They don’t sleep in the human’s bed or eat choice cuts of certified angus beef. I posted a few days ago about SNOODS for dogs; same clientele, I’m sure.

  2. Totally agree! I can’t afford hamburger meat anymore and saw the prices on some of that select food…. all I can say is wow!

  3. Wait, so because dogs and cats aren’t humans, we shouldn’t care about their health and nutrition? *That* is what doesn’t make sense.

    I wouldn’t buy my cat a dress, because she has no need for it. But she does have a need for good nutrition, and so I buy her the best food I can afford for her. Unlike my previous cat, she did not do well on raw food, so we switched her to a cooked grain-free food. Yes, it is more expensive than crappy corn-based kibble, because it is better for her. I would rather feed her very well, and keep her happy and avoid vet visits, than feed her crap that makes her sick. Feeding an animal kibble coated with rancid oil doesn’t make sense. It is frankly a stupid thing to do.

    Believe it or not, it is not actually *normal* for a dog to puke and fart a lot, to get diabetes, to have joint breakdowns early in life, etc. Those things happen because of poor nutrition. It isn’t stupid to be knowledgeable about nutrition and want your pet to be healthy.

    1. Show me where I said we shouldn’t care about animal health. I have issue with overpriced, overpackaged and overwrought presentation of food for animals who will eat squirming mice and road kill. Feed your cat what you want, as I said, I don’t care, but if you want your furbaby to eat premium cuts of meat, it’s apparent that meat of all sorts is readily available a few aisles over in the, you know, meat department.

      1. Ok, so can you explain how it is that nutritious food for pets “doesn’t make sense” and why you characterize people who buy healthful, species-appropriate food for their pets as “having more money than sense?” (No comment on people who buy dresses for their dogs, but I suppose everyone needs a hobby.)

        You can buy meat in the meat department, but a) meat alone doesn’t make a balanced pet food and b) it would be much more expensive than buying a prepared food. I used to buy a raw diet called Bravo for my cat, and per serving, it came out to about the same price as a premium canned food, sometimes less.

        What doesn’t make sense to me is feeding a cat or a dog kibble, because it is bad for their health.

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