Now THAT’s more like it!

We had snow last Friday, as I detailed at the time. What did I know then? Today, now — today was a different story. Today we had SNOW.

Now that’s what I’m talkin bout. This is serious snow.

As soon as the city’s slumbering school kids awoke and realized snow was a-fallin,’ the wireless networks were instantly clogged with text messages buzzing with the news. Christopher was immediately invited over to a classmate’s house for sledding, and before long, he was bundled in 27 layers of clothing and equipped with a bright-red plastic sled, acquired a couple years ago when we also had sleddable snowfall.

Sadly, I didn’t get a photo of snowman Christopher. Instead, I present “Jeff.”

Jeff here is the creation of Claire and Trassie, who ventured forth into the approximately 4-inch, extremely wet snowfall that was so perfect for making snowmen that, why, they practically make themselves!

They also have to endure a few indignities, like having rabbit-ears thrust behind their snowy heads. But hey, Jeff’s a stylin’ snowguy, equipped with a baby carrot nose, genuine gravel eyes and mouth — and a vintage scarf from Mother’s Extensive Scarf and Wrap Collection. This one, c. 1984, is festooned with metallic thread and saw service as a waist-wrapped sash in a Flashdance-influenced period of my wardrobe history.

I hope you realize how much courage it took for me to admit that. But on Jeff, now, the scarf looked great, the kids had  a great time making him … and about six hours into his lifespan he was kicked flat and pressed into service as a fort.

The poor guy!

Now as evening approaches and I’ve got a chicken roasting in the oven and cranberry sauce cooling on the stove, my house is filled with good cooking smells and damp outerwear, drying here and there in various bathrooms and over heating vents. Who knows what tomorrow will bring; possibly frozen streets and perilous conditions for morning Mass-driving.

But now I’m snug and warm with Tras and my darling children Claire, Christopher, Trassie … and Jeff. God rest his snowy soul.

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