A throbbing pain in the blog

It’s pretty amusing to peek behind the scenes at your own blog, where you can see just how and why people read your pearls of wisdom.

For example, today I see:

Top Searches
throbbing pain left foot

When presented with information such as this, I don’t know whether to clap my hands delightedly or weep for humanity. Because, of course, the post that brought whomever here to Chez NouveauSoileau, was my completely non-medically informed post about my ouchie foot.

But I made the mistake of including an official-looking graphic of the bones of the foot and throwing in a term that I thought had had made up but no, it turns out to describe an actual medical condition, metatarsalitis. So persons unknown trying to find out what is up with THEIR ouchie feet might well indeed click upon my blog and, I fear, come away unsatisfied as to the cause of their malady.

However — and this is the hand-clappy part — something drew them away from their medically important task and made them want to read my blog, NouveauSoileau, your purveyor of all that is mundane and pointless. And, let us not forget this, completely worth the money you’ve paid to read the aforementioned frivolity whenever the mood strikes me to add something to it.

Which could be more often, I admit.

But in fact, “metatarsalitis” is the top term that people have used to land on my blog, quickly followed by “Old Gringo,” “bones in the left foot,” “joe doe restaurant nyc,” and “neighbor peeing.”

Neighbor peeing. This I don’t want to think about. Yes, I’ve used the term peeing and apparently at some point a referenced a neighbor, but the two words didn’t skip hand-in-hand down my sentence structure, so why anyone would take the momentous step to click here, I have no idea. Perhaps someone is advancing our knowledge as a species by doing earnest research into the neighbor urination situation, yes, a burning issue of our time.

Another goody I found amongst the search terms was how much are goopy apex seals, but, disappointingly, this had nothing to do with with a complex and important debate raging worldwide regarding plump and firm apex seals vs. the goopy kind. And what about poor nadir seals. Was anyone Googling them?

Turns out that over the course of two or three posts I had indeed used those six words, but again, not in a sentence. So why on earth would someone trying to purchase car parts wander away from this important mission and start reading about why I think boots are the absolute apex of shoe-ownership, goopy delicious Bryer’s ice cream, and some sort of half-baked theory on having a disability seal of approval in order to ride in a scooter around the grocery store?

Another — and perhaps more important — burning issue of our time.

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