On a roll

Yesterday I burdened the world wide web with an abundance of my photos from New York last summer. I’ve got bunches more, many of which send me into uncontrollable giggles every time I look at them which, believe me, is not a pretty sight.

So let’s just take a look at one today.

And here is a quiz for you: Name all the reasons why I love this photo. There are at least five.

Have a great weekend.



4 thoughts on “On a roll

  1. I can only see 2- blame it on a very hectic work week. On to the reasons why you love this photo through my tired eyes…1) love the gentlemen(obviously an elder age and the contrast in height 2) both gentlemen are wearing what appears to be long, black mourning coats while others are walking around sporting summer wear!

  2. I’ll second those two and add:

    The 70% OFF SALE sign – both for the cliche, AND in relation to the height difference.

    The odd angle of the shorter gentleman’s right arm…it reminds me of the pose used on Family Guy every time someone is knocked out/dead.

    The way one of their hats is rounded at the top and the other is indented…almost as though the taller bopped the shorter’s hat.

  3. The two men are Hasidic Jews. Much of Hasidic dress was historically the clothing of all Eastern-European Jews (and non-Jews), but Hasidim have preserved more of these styles to the present day.

    In no particular order, I loved merely seeing Hasidic Jewish men — they’re rather scarce in Central Kentucky; the heavy coats of two older white men, juxtaposed with the buff black guy up the street; how very short one of the men is; the 70% off sign; and that there’s such a thing as the Diamond District, and that I was in it!

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