Shiny happy people

I spent today in Louisville, having a picnic lunch with a goodly chunk of my family. The occasion: a Kentucky-drop by my sister Cara, who currently feathers her nest in Washington, D.C., but at any given day in the calendar month, might be found in any number of states on the Eastern Seaboard. And sometimes Chicago, for that is where she attended culinary school and gathered up an indeterminate amount of friends.

But today, the occasion for her arrival was a friend’s wedding, for which she served as a J.Crew-clad bridesmaid, held yesterday at the Presbyterian Seminary. Reception was at a former meat-packing, or meat-something, factory, comment upon I will now reserve.

So, Cara’s in town and her twin, Leah, newly housed, gathers up the rest of the bunch and we sally forth into Germantown.

Most everyone was there; mostly lacking was my family, Trassie and I being the sole representatives. Tras stayed home, still nursing his nearly month-long bout of Illness, to which Trassie and I both succumbed but beat in shorter order than Dad. Claire and Christopher spent the weekend with their father so were unavailable for the festivities.

And it was pretty festive.

I possess many, many fond memories of the year 2003; it was a painful first and glorious year second. Many of you, my friends, know what happened — the most insignificant, shall we, mention first: I turned 40. Let us focus on the joyous: this was the year Tras and I noticed one another and I, being free to pursue  romance, grabbed it with both hands and wound up where I am today: happier than it probably ought to be legal to be.


But the reason I bring up 2003 is this: my mother, for a while there (and she may still in the future) hosted Annual Birthday Parties.We all came. Each of our birthdays was celebrated simultaneously, and it was Fun. But in the year 2003, I saw our family fun for the first time through someone else’s eyes, and realized what a ridiculously happy family I possessed. We Enjoyed each other’s company,with a capital E.

That other person, of course, was Tras, and the location of our frivolity was the quirky Boca Di Beppo, Pope Head and all.

his holiness
his holiness

I came away with a rush of appreciation for the unique flavor of our family,and the enjoyment we effortless have with one another.

Even the dampness of the day — for it rained,incessantly, couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Today, like the day we gathered about the pope head, was another one of those days. I love you, my brothers and sisters (all three!) … my mom, nieces and nephews, all.

Speak your words of wisdom.

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